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Graphic options
You can access the site options panel from the administration.
From here you can choose the main colour on which your site will be based, and the colour for the objects set as "enhanced". Change the colour by clicking on it and choosing one from the palette.

You'll also find some suggested colour matchings ready for use.
From here you may change the font size for your site: small, medium or large.
Logo settings
You can set the logo appearance in these ways:
  • Not visible
  • Horizontal
  • Square
  • Vertical

You can choose to add some margin to your logo.

Allows you to upload an image and change the logo of your site.
Moreover, via the "crop" and "full-size image", you can choose wheter to show the entire image or only a part of it as your logo.
Header image
Header image
The header image is shown in the header of every page.

Via the "crop" and "full image" you can decide wether to show the entire uploaded image or just a part of it.
Background image
Background image
From here you can upload (via the "choose/change" button) a background image for tour site, and decide wether to show all of it or just a part of it via the "crop" and "full-size image".

Moreover, you can decide wether to show the image with its original colours or recoloured using your site's main colour, in oreder to obtain a greater chromatic coherence with your pages.
Images zoom type
Images zoom type
From here you can choose the enhancing method for the images of your site:

  • popup: clicking on an image opens a new window with the enlarged image
  • gallery: image is enlarged and you're given the possibility of browsing the different images on the page.
From here you can choose the base graphic style for your site among
classic, pop and fusion.

Remember: changing the theme doesn't change the site's structure and its content, but only modifies the graphic appearance.
Site icon

You can show an icon for your site (favicon) in the address bar (on the left of your domain) by uploading it from your computer or choosing one from the library.

What favicons are and how to create one
Special effects

From here you can enrich your site with effects, images and backgrounds.

Effect on header:
Allows you to animate your site's title

Effect on the home page:
Allows you to show rotating images (only with the "impact" home page)

Effect on images (excluding header):
Permette di decorare le immagini presenti nel tuo sito (tranne la testata del sito)

Mouse effect:
Allows you to add a trail effect with a sybol that follows mouse movement.

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