E-commerce blocks
(how to sell products and services)
Setting up an e-commerce block
To create a block that contains a product (or service) purchasable by users you have to enter the e-commerce section in the options of the desired block by double-clicking on any part of the block (title, text or image).

You'll find the following information:
  • Main
You can decide if the block contains a purchasable product. This option determines the visibility of the "add to shopping cart" button, price and VAT for the product.
The product code has the function to identify the product within the orders, it won't be visible to users.

  • Shipping
You can choose if the object of the e-commerce block requires shipping, for example if you're selling a service, you can disable this option.
The "shipping cost" is per unit.
For other information on shipping costs, visit Shipping costs section.

  • Description
The description field will be visible to users from within the shopping cart.
If the object requires different options, it's better to insert in the body of the block a form with the extra data (eg colour, size, notes...). The choice made by the user will be added to the order information.

  • Extra
Extra information will be introduced in the order, if needed.
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