Example of the creation of a contact form
Click on to start the module (it's not necessary to specify any parameter in the dialog window), a red rectangle will be created, inside of it select:
    • to insert a text field
    • for a checkbox
    • for a context menu, etc...
    • By creating with the appropriate button a hidden field and assigning it the name formTitle, in the "value" field you may enter the title of the contact form that will be shown in the email message delivered upon sending the data through the form itself (eg: "booking request")

For every one of them you'll just have to enter the field name.
For example: telephone: (name = telephone).

At the end of the creation of the module, confirm changes to the block.

The module will deliver the information entered by users to the email address you specified in the "user data" page of the site administration.

Ecco alcuni esempi di moduli di contatto:

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