Inserting a video with Google
To use Google.Video you have to own a Google account first, if you haven't got one you can create it now.
Uploading the video to Google.Video
Uploading the video to Google.Video
To load the videos you have to install on your computer a free software created by Google ("Desktop uploader"), downloadable from:

Once installed, to upload a video you just have to:

  1. click on "ADD...", select the path where the file is located and add it to the list via the "Open" button
  2. select the file from the list and give your consent
  3. click on "Upload now"
  4. Wait for the video to be uploaded...
Inserting the video on your site
After you uploaded your video to Google.Video you'll find it in the list of the "uploaded videos"
  1. select "view" on the video you want to put on your site.
  2. Click on [E-mail - Blog] button
  3. among the available options click on: "Include HTML".

Copy all the code in the rectangle below:
<embed style="width: ...
      ...    </embed>       

Once you've copied the code, you'll have to enter the design area of your site:

  1. enter the block you want to insert the video into
  2. click on
  3. write:
    <div class="eaKeep">
  4. paste the previously copied code from Google Video.
  5. write at the end of copied code:
  6. confirm clicking on ok.
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