Deezer1.jpg is an online service that makes it possibile to legally listen, from a web site, to music from famous artists, directly taken from a huge archive.

To be able to add your playlist, you have to sign up to the service first by clicking on the "create your account" link on
Once you've signed up, you can create your playlists:
  • "add play list" button to create a new playlist
  • search for the music that best suits your web site
  • once you've found the right track, click on "+" to add it to your playlist

  • "blog" button from the playlist
  • disable the "autoplay" option
  • copy the shown code
  • go to the page you want to insert the playlist into
  • create a new block (or edit an existing one)
  • select the "body" entry, click on "source" and paste the previously copied code
  • click on "source" again and then "ok"
  How it works
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