Payment modes
In this section you can enable and set the payment types you want to provide via the field

At the end of the purchasing process your customers will be able to choose among the payment modes you've enabled through this panel.
If none are enabled, at the end of the process the text set in the "Other" section will be shown.

Forme di pagamento disponibili:

Credit card (Paypal)
For more information visit the Paypal section.

Bank transfer
We suggest you're as accurate as possible by specifying also IBAN e SWIFT codes for international payments.
Cause and amount will be automatically specified, based on the order.
Once entered, double check the data for the transfer to avoid mistakes.

Enter clearly the information to receive cheques from your customers. Specify name and address for the cheque. Moreover, it's best to ask for the cheque to be NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Enter an alternative payment method and its description.
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