Block options
The block options panel can be reached by adding a new block or by double-clicking on an existing block.
It's the text that will be displayed at the beginning of the block.
Block body

The body section allows you to edit the text you want to enter into the block. You can find more information in the page dedicated to the FCK editor

Block and image options
Block and image options
Highlight block
This option allows you to set a coloured background to highlight the block.

Block width
You can set the width of your block here: 33%, 50%, 66% and 100%
This option can be very useful to organize photos inside your pages.

Once an image for the block is chosen, the following options will be active:

Image position
Through this option you can select the image alignment in the block.

Crop proportions
you can set the proportions for the crop in order to mantain uniformity among the images in the page. 
There are four preset values:
- 1:1 (square)
- 4:3 (standard television)
- 16:9 (enlarged television)
- 3:4 (portrait)

"Free" that allows you to draw a crop with free proportions.

 "Automatic" crop uses proportions automatically chosen by the system.

"Custom fixed proportions" allows you to enter a free ratio (eg: 220:300).
Note that the present proportions are shown beside the title, to allow cut and paste among different blocks to mantain uniformity when proportions that differ from the preset ones are selected.

Image style

you can the image visualization style, simple or with canvas.

Image behaviour on click 
you can choose what happens when the user clicks on the image:
- nothing
- open a popup window with the enhanced image or a "image gallery" (choosing between two zoom types)
- open another page of your site, or an external one
- download a document 
If the block contains an item or a service for sale you can select all the options regarding the sale here.
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