Images with custom size
Here are the instructions on how to insert images with different sizes than the standard ones expected in the blocks:

  1. go to administration
  2. click on the Images entry
  3. double click on the image you want to insert in the block
  4. select (via mouse drag) the image address
  5. click the right mouse button and select Copy
  6. go back to site design
  7. enter the target page
  8. double click on the block you want to insert the image into
  9. in the windows that opens up, select
  10. and insert in the blank page that opens up the code:
  11. <div class="eaKeep"> <img src="
  12. click the right mouse button and select Paste
  13. and type:
  14. "/> </div>
  15. go back to normal mode by clicking
Now you'll be able to enlarge or shrink the image by moving the arrows on the four corners of the image itself.
Using this procedure you'll also be able to insert animated gifs into your pages.

You can place a link on the inserted image this way:
  1. Select the image with a click
  2. click on the link symbol
  3. and insert the path of the file or of the page you wish.

Here's an example of a free image in the body of the block:

The embedded code is:
"<img src="/res/site35/res412806_editarea.jpg" style="width: 472px; height: 540px;" />"
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