Home page options
You can reach the home page options panel by clicking on the   button from the button bar of the home page itself.

Home page title 
It's the text that will be shown both in the browser window when you view the home page, and on the header menu button if you chose to make it visible (see "options and image" on this page)

The home page description is shown in a specific area of the home itself, depending on the type of home you choose (see "options and image" on this page).
Options and Image
You can choose whether to show the "home page" entry in the menu by changing the "show" field.
If you choose not to show it, viewers can go back to the home page simply by clicking on the page title or on the header.

Header image
The header image is the one shown in the header in every page.

you can choose among 4 styles for the home page:
  1. Institutional
  2. Impact
  3. Content
  4. Free

    Choose how many blocks to be shown
     (this option is available only for the Impact and Institutional styles)
    This options allows you to choose how many blocks (one, two or three) to show in your home page.
    The blocks we're referring to are, respectively:
  • on the left of the main block in the Institutional style
  • on the right of the blurred image in the Impact style.

Search engines
Search engines
Keywords are used by search engines to retrieve information on the contents of a page. These words will be inserted in the html code and will not be visible to the viewers of the site.

Same for keywords, a field used by search engines, inserted in the html code and not visible to the viewers of the site.

Engines text
The content of this field willbe only shown to users that haven't got Flash installed and that can't execute javascript code. The typical user of the site will not see it but it will be shown to the search engines spiders that don't use flash and don't execute javascript code.

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