Search form
You can insert in your pages a search field similar to the one you find in this online help, in the Search section.

We suggest you use a free tool you'll be able to insert in your pages,  this operation only takes a few minutes and you won't have to install anything.

To insert the search form:
  1. go to the freefind site:
  2. sign up by entering your site address, your e-mail address and click on "Instant Sign-up"
  3. you'll receive the information to access the control panel of your freefind account in your email.
You'll be able to enter the panel and choose the type of account you prefer.
You can use the free account or, if you don't want the sponsored links inside your search page you can choose a pay account.

After choosing the freefind account you can adjust its settings, click on"Build index" after the indexing operations is over click on "HTML" and follow the given instructions.

When given the free code you'll be able to insert it in one of your pages, remember to insert it in the source code as described in the Source code page.
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