XSPF Web Music Player
Your music on your site!
XSPF is an mp3player that makes it possible to add a music background to one's site (.mp3).
It's very simple to add it to your pages, and it's customizable too.
Here's an example of XSPF at work:
(click on the play button to start audio)

How to insert the player on your site
You have to upload the file you want as background for your site first.
To upload the mp3 file, follow these steps:

  1. go to document management
  2. push the   button of the bar under the "Documents" section
  3. select the audio file (.mp3) from your computer by clicking on the "browse..." button and click "enter"
  4. double-click the loaded document
  5. copy the shown address (/res/site...)
  6. go back to site design
  7. go to the page you want to insert the player
  8. edit the text block tou want to insert the player into
  9. click on
  10. copy the following code and paste it in the "source code" window:

  1. <div align="center">
    <div class="eaKeep"><script type="text/javascript" src="/iwetc/res/js/flash.js"></script>
    <div id="200_flash"><script>
        var fl_200=new IwFlash("/r/xspf_player_slim.swf?song_url=/res/site35/res164800_yourfile.mp3&amp;player_title=EditArea&amp;song_title=Artist Name+-+Title",'530','15',"");
        // -->

    You'll have to replace "yourfile.mp3" with the address of the file you uploaded on your site (/res/site...), replace "Artist Name - Title" with the song title and the performer, and change EditArea into your site's name.

Here are some useful parameters to customize your player:

song_titleMP3 file title to be shown in the player
autoloadtrue - mp3 track is immediately loaded. Speeds up music start when the user clicks on play, but will increase your site's trafffic.
repeat_playlisttrue - sets the track to loop when play ends.
Hexadecimal colour (eg FFCC00) to change the player colour.
autoplaytrue - sets the track to start automatically. If omitted, the user has to click on the play button for the music to start.

Online documentation:
User license
Player is distributed under BSD license (freely usable and changeable for any purpose)
For more information on the user license:

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