FCK editor
EditArea for the management of text formatting uses the FCK Editor (go to the official website).
FCK Buttons used in EditArea
 Bold: selected text becomes bold
 Italic: selected text becomes italic
 Link: adds or modifies a link to a web page for the selected text
 Remove link: deletes the link for the selected text
 Insert an anchor inside the page
 Table: Insert or modify the selected table
specify: number of rows, number of columns, height, width of the table.
  horizontal ruler
  Special characters
  Undo last action
  Red last action
  Find (in the text of the field)
  Change  (in the text of the field)
  Select all (Ctrl A)
  Remove format: cleans up html from original text format (a cleanup is done when you click ok)
  Ordered list
  Unordered list
  Insert a new form
  Radio Button
  Text field
  Text area
  Hidden field
  Selection menu
  Code (switches from normal view to html code view)
  How it works
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