Other options
You can access this panel from the site's administration, by clicking on "options" under the "e-commerce" entry

Users sign up for purchase on the website

Allows you to choose whether your customers need to register to make purchases on your site. If registration is required, their invoice and shipment data is saved for the next purchases.

Max shopping cart and unconfirmed orders duration

You can choose the login duration on your customers' computer:
if he comes back to your site within this time period, he will still be logged in and able to access his shopping cart without having to re-enter username and password.

Currency to be used
You can choose the currency to be used in all the e-commerce blocks and the shopping cart.

Amount visualization type
Allows you to choose the way customers see the prices for the items/services for sale.

Tax name
You can customize the name of the tax (eg for e-commerce sites in english that have an european audience it has to be set to VAT)

Tax percentage to apply when creating a new e-commerce block
The default percentage when you create a new block
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