Creating a PayPal account
PAYPAL If you haven't got a PayPal account you can register for free now.

Register to PayPal.

Choose the Premier account if you're a private seller, or the Business account if you are a company. Enter the needed data and follow the procedure requested on the PayPal site.
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Removing restrictions from your PayPal account

Through the verification code service, PayPal will be able to make sure that you are the owner of the credit card linked to the PayPal account, thus making your transactions even more secure. This way, you'll become a verified PayPal user and the initial sending and receiving money restrictions to your account will be removed.

Registering to this service is simple: you just need to request the Verification code to PayPal, authorizing the withdrawal of 1,50 € from your credit card, that will be given back to you as a bonus directly on your PayPal account. Ask for your verification code and enjoy all of the PayPal functionalities.

PayPal Express Checkout

Express Checkout requires API access to be enabled:

  1. Access to your PayPal Business account
  2. Click on the "Profile" menu entry
  3. Click the API Access link
  4. Click the "Request API Credentials" link
  5. Select the "Request API signature" entry
  6. Click on the "Agree and submit" button.
  7. Take note of API Username, API Password, and Signature
  8. Copy the values for API Username, API Password, and Signature to the "API Credentials" entry of the PayPal section in your e-commerce options panel.
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